Coming soon: A new training section on Job Bank

As part of the Government of Canada’s ongoing effort to build a resilient workforce equipped with the skills needed to succeed in the labour market of tomorrow, Job Bank is developing a new section of its website where Canadians will be able to find learning and training opportunities.

What is Job Bank?

Job Bank is Canada's national employment service, which helps Canadians find work and plan their careers while making it easier for employers to recruit and hire across the country. More than 100,000 job seekers visit Job Bank's website every day, and it is used by over 200,000 registered employers.

What is the new training section on Job Bank and who is it for?

This new section of Job Bank's website will act as a national hub of information about short duration, outcome-based courses offered by recognized learning institutions and training providers across the country.

This new section will be fully integrated as part of Job Bank's suite of career planning products, and workers will be able to use it to:

  • Learn about what jobs are in demand and what skills they require.
  • Complete an assessment of their training needs based on their career goals and current skills.
  • Search relevant courses matching their training needs.
  • Find available financial resources to help them pay for training.

Employers will also be able to use it to find opportunities to quickly reskill or upskill their employees to meet current or future business needs.

How can training providers and learning institutions contribute?

Job Bank is calling on Canadian training providers and learning institutions to build a catalogue of short-duration courses that are open to the public nationally. Eligible organizations offering courses of a duration of 12 months or less are invited to register.

Eligibility criteria:

Register your organization and submit information about the courses you want to add to Job Bank's catalogue.

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