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We're always improving Job Bank's website and mobile app. You can learn about our latest updates on this page.

  • October 2021 update

      Since October 2021, you can...


    • Quickly sort through read and unread messages in your account.
    • Job seekers:

    • Find all the jobs you've favourited or applied for under the new “My jobs” tab.
  • August 2021 update

      Since August 2021, you can...


    • Include more “How to apply” instructions on your job posting to specify what information applicants should provide (e.g. a cover letter, a letter of recommendation, a proof of certification, etc.).
    • Visit the new “Surveys and reports” page from your dashboard to let us know what you think about Job Bank.
    • Job seekers:

    • Change your preferences to opt out of all promotional emails and newsletters sent by Job Bank.
    • Access Job Bank's popular tools and resources from our new home page.
  • June 2021 update

      Since June 2021, you can...


    • Keep track of document and contact requests received from Job Bank officers through the new “My messages” section on your dashboard.
    • Advertise jobs that require almost constant travel by selecting the new “On the road job” location option.
    • Job seekers:

    • Update your preferences to receive Job Alerts emails daily or weekly depending on your job search needs.
    • Sign in to save your answers and results to Career Quizzes in your account for future use.
  • April 2021 update
  • February 2021 update

      Since February 2021...


    • Visit your new centralized dashboard to get a quick glance at your latest job posting activity, and find other key information about your employer file all in one place. Try customized dashboard views for users who have to manage multiple files at once.
    • When selecting a preferred application method for your job posting, you can allow registered job seekers to apply by sharing their resume directly on Job Bank. Learn more.
    • Visit the new “Applicants and matches” page in your employer file to preview and download resumes shared by applicants, or to browse through the list of job seekers matched with your jobs and invite them to apply.
    • Read our updated Privacy Statement and Terms of Use for employers.
    • Job seekers:

    • If you have a Plus account, you can apply for some jobs by sharing your resume with the employer directly on Job Bank. Look out for the blue “Share your resume” flag when searching for jobs, and keep your information up-to-date in the Resume Builder. Learn more.
    • You can synchronize your activity between the Job Bank website and mobile app by connecting a device to your Standard or Plus account. That way, you can track all your alerts and favourite jobs from either platform. Visit the “Connect a device” tab in your user account to get an authentication code.
    • Visit our improved Find a job page and discover more resources and advice to help with your job search.
    • Read our updated Privacy Statement and Terms of Use for job seekers.
  • December 2020 update
  • October 2020 update

      Since October 2020, you can...

    • Input your preferred occupation and location in two separate fields to get better results when you search for jobs.
    • View your most recent job searches for your current session, or sign in to your job seeker account and find a history of all your job searches in a new section of your dashboard.
    • Read our new pages about Job Match and the Resume Builder to learn how to get the most out of each tool.
    • Sign in as an employer to post a new virtual job, or to specify whether remote work will be offered for the jobs you're advertising.
    • As an employer, advertise job opportunities available in different locations on the same job posting by using the new "Secondary job location" option. No need to create separate job postings for each location anymore!
  • June 2020 update

      Since June 2020, you can...

    • View our new COVID-19 page to browse jobs in essential sectors and access tools and resources to help you find work during the pandemic.
    • Access news and reports about the labour market in your province or territory.
    • Sign in as a job seeker to see the contact information for the closest employment centres right on your dashboard, and to access a detailed report of your job search activity dating back up to 120 days.
    • Find jobs in the agri-food sector from AgCareers and CareersInFood on Job Bank.
    • Sign in as an employer to specify if telework arrangements are available for the jobs you're advertising.
  • April 2020 update

      Since April 2020, you can...

    • Visit our new Work with us page to find information for organizations interested in collaborating with Job Bank.
    • Visit our improved page for Veterans, with useful information for Veterans in the labour market and the employers who are recruiting them.
    • Get better job search results by using the improved "Best Match" sorting option, which now improves the ranking of jobs that are more recent and closer to the location you searched.
    • Receive Job Alerts emails once a day, instead of twice a day.
    • View your compatibility score for new job matches directly in your notification emails.
    • Try our modernized career planning tool to access enhanced profiles for occupations and education programs across Canada, now with more information on recent job prospects.
    • Sign in as an employer to view an improved activity report for your file, which now includes information about the way job seekers interact with your postings.
  • December 2019 update

      Since December 2019, you can...

    • Read about Job Bank's one hundred year history in the new About Us page.
    • More easily navigate on Job Bank thanks to our new and improved menu.
    • Easily search for Employment Centers near you.
    • Access Job Match through your job seeker dashboard.
    • Track your favorites throughout the Job Bank website.
    • When using Job Match, see what job requirements you meet for any verified job.
    • Upload documents directly to Job Bank if requested.
    • Specify the field of study information on a job posting.
    • Add multiple operating names to your employer file.
  • September 2019 update

      Since September 2019, you can...

    • Filter out job search results from outside the province or territory where you want to work.
    • Filter job search results by employment conditions and benefits.
    • Find jobs from ZipRecruiter on Job Bank.
    • Sort your job matches to see only part-time or full-time jobs, or to see only federal, provincial and municipal government jobs.
    • Access our Resume Builder tool with a Standard account.
    • Get a summary of recommended career options based on your results to our career quizzes, and filter your results by education level.

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